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Try it now! Swap in your own idea and run:

npx @codegenie/cli generate --name "Wildlife Rescue" --description "An app that lets users report injured wildlife. Other users (wildlife rescuers) can see reports in their area and respond with questions and updates."
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Generate a solid software foundation instantly

Code Genie takes care of the boring stuff so you can focus on what makes your product special. Download the source code for your full stack application and deploy to AWS to have a live app in minutes!

  • Web App
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • Infrastructure as Code (IAC)
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Unit/Integration Tests coming soon
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Technology that devs know and love

Code Genie generates source code in languages and frameworks that are consistently voted by developers as their tools of choice. Projects are architected in a way to make swapping out individual tools as simple as possible, and we're constantly working on additional generation options to enable engineers to choose their own stack.

☁️ Scale from zero to infinity

Backed by AWS Serverless

Code Genie leverages the power of AWS to provide "infinitely" scalable applications. All AWS cloud resources are defined in CDK , allowing you to seamlessly deploy to multiple environments including prod, staging, individual developer accounts, and even PR previews. Code Genie projects are Cloud Native Serverless applications, so you'll pay ~$0 for low-traffic environments such as dev and staging, and scale to meet the demands of your high-traffic production app.

🏗️ Built for you

Relevant source code based on your data model or idea

Provide Code Genie with your application's data model, and it will generate application source code to meet your requirements. Don't have a data model? Simply tell Code Genie your "wish" (app idea/description) and it'll do its best to design an initial data model for you!

Get Started
title: Project
  idProperty: projectId
  nameProperty: name
  imageProperty: logo
    partitionKey: clientId
    sortKey: projectId
      $ref: ./team-member.yaml
      $ref: ./open-position.yaml
    listView: CARD_LIST
  - type: object
    $ref: '#/definitions/attributes'
    type: object
        type: string
        readOnly: true
        type: string
        readOnly: true
        type: string
        type: string
        contentEncoding: base64
        contentMediaType: image/png
        type: string
            referencedEntity: Staff
        type: string
            inputType: textarea
        type: string
        format: date
        type: string
        format: date
        type: enum
        default: Pending
          - Pending
          - Active
          - Complete
          - Cancelled
      - clientId
      - projectId
      - name
      - status
    additionalProperties: false
🧞 Like No Code, but for Developers

Faster than No Code, and without the limitations

Code Genie is able to do in minutes what takes days or weeks with No Code platforms (and months with traditional software development). Additionally, you're not locked into a No Code vendor's inherent limitations and costly ongoing licensing fees.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked into Code Genie?

No! Unlike No Code platforms that prioritize vendor lock-in, Code Genie gives you the complete project source code and the freedom that comes along with that.

Am I locked into AWS?

No! While it may take some effort from your engineering team to move to a different platform, we've done our best to make that as painless as possible. For example, you can easily host the web app on another provider such as Netlify. The API layer is written in Express, making it highly portable. The main challenges are swapping the Auth from Cognito to an alternative such as Clerk or Auth0, or changing the database from DynamoDB. , as they require data migration (e.g. see this article on how you would migrate from DynamoDB to MongoDB). We plan on adding PostgreSQL as a database option and additional Auth options in the future, making Code Genie projects even more portable.

Does Code Genie use AI to generate the source code? What about copyright infringement?

No. AI is only used to help you create an initial data model based on your idea. Code Genie then generates projects based on the data model. This approach also ensures deterministic results. That is, if you give the same input data model, you'll get the same output (except for improvements we make to the generated output; version locking coming soon). To address copyright concerns, Code Genie retains ownership of the generated source code and provides you with a license to use the code in your app.