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Initial deployment

Code Genie apps include a simple command to enable one-command setup:

Terminal window
npm run init:dev

This command does the following:

  1. Installs NPM dependencies (npm i)
  2. Creates a new entry in the AWS Credentials File ~/.aws/credentials called your-app-name_dev using credentials copied from the default profile.
  3. Bootstraps CDK in the AWS account (cdk bootstrap)
  4. Deploys to AWS (npm run deploy:dev)
  5. Copies CloudFormation/CDK outputs to local .env files for running the UI and API locally (npm run copy-outputs-to-dotenv:dev)
  6. Opens the live version of the web app in your browser.

Deploying updates

After the initial deployment, you can deploy changes to AWS with:

Terminal window
npm run deploy:dev

Deploying to staging and production

Similar commands exist for staging and prod:

Initial install and deploy for dev
npm run init:dev
npm run deploy:dev


See the CI/CD Pipeline page for more details.