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You can specify a logo and a primary brand color in your App Definition, and Code Genie will incorporate those into your generated project.

  • Directorypublic
    • Directoryicons
      • android-chrome-144x144.png
      • additional sizes
      • apple-touch-icon-1024x1024.png
      • additional sizes
      • browserconfig.xml
      • favicon.ico
      • additional sizes
      • index.html
      • manifest.webmanifest
      • mstile-144x144.png
      • additional sizes
      • yandex-browser-50x50.png
      • yandex-browser-manifest.json
    • favicon.ico
    • logo.png
  • Directorythemes
    • base.ts
    • dark.ts
    • global.css
    • light.ts
    • theme-provider.ts
    • themes.ts


Your project includes Dark and Light themes, and you can customize themes further to match your branding by modifying the design tokens in ./packages/ui/themes/base.ts. See Ant Design’s Customize Theme Guide for more information.

See the theme option in the App Definition spec for more details.


Code Genie generates icons of various sizes and formats for you to use in different environments, including icons for:

  • Browser favicon
  • Android
  • Iphone
  • Windows

See logo.png in the App Definition spec for more details.